Blair Sandal Heels Handmade Women Shoes

RM 85.00

Effortlessly grab attention by reaching for Blair heels, this modern day classic can turn even the simplest outfit into a beauty of strength and simplicity.

Whether you’re looking for a sandal heel to wear everyday or something cheerful to brighten your in-the-cafe or night-out outfit, Blair heel is all you need.

- Material: Soft Vegan Leather

- Made in Malaysia. Quality guaranteed.

- Heel height 3 inch, size 35-40

- Blair fits true to size, always get a size bigger for wider feet.

* Feel free to text us for sizing assistance. We are happy to help.

5 colours available.

  • White, Nude, Latte, Sage, Light Pink

Please allow a duration of 7-14days for delivery because every heel from Clef is handmade by experienced local shoemaker.

CLEF treats every pair of shoes as unique, as is you are to yourself. There ain’t mass production in CLEF, as we believe no women are alike. Women simply deserve new shoes on demand. With love and care, CLEF walks with you.

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